Fighting cardio-vascular diseases by preventive lifestyle & early diagnosis

(IST-2002-507816, EU funded project)

Starting date: 31/12/2003; closing date: 30/09/2007; total project cost: 34,918,063 Euros; total EC funding: 16,000,000 Euros.

It is commonly accepted, that a healthy and preventive lifestyle as well as early diagnosis could systematically fight the origin of CVD and save millions of live-years.  MyHeart focused on the  empowerment of citizens to fight cardio-vascular diseases by preventive lifestyle and early diagnosis.

The starting point is to gain knowledge on a citizen’s actual health status. To gain this info continuous monitoring of vital signs is mandatory. The approach is therefore to integrate system solutions into functional clothes with integrated textile sensors. The combination of functional clothes and integrated electronics and process them on-body, we define as intelligent biomedical clothes. The processing consists of making diagnoses, detecting trends and react on it. Together with feedback devices, able to interact with the user as well as with professional services, the MyHeart system is formed.

This system is suitable for supporting citizens to fight major CVD risk factors and help to avoid heart attack, other acute events by personalized guidelines and giving feedback. It provides the necessary motivation the new life styles. MyHeart has demonstrated those technical solutions. 

The MyHeart project is an Integrated Project, funded by the IST programme of the European Commission's 6th Framework. It started on December 31st, 2003 and  run for 45 months. The MyHeart consortium consists of 33 different partners from 11 countries. It is a research effort of industrial partners, research institutes, academics and medical hospitals covering the whole value chain from textile research, via fashion and electronic design, towards medical and home-based applications