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System which involves the use of fabric sensors fully integrated in the bed sheets and mattress covers for the monitoring of the sleep quality. Designed for users who cannot or want to use sensor-fitted clothing. For more precise detection of sleep disorders, the WWS system with two sensors breath, allows the monitoring in the home environment, with a better signals quality.








The WWS system is the platform used within PSYCHE and NEVERMIND project for sleep quality assessment.




In Psyche subjective data about sleep quality have been compared with the data collected by the WWS. From the heart rate variability it is possible estimate the following parameters:

SE: sleep efficiency

SL: Sleep latency

TST= total sleep time

REM% calculated as (REM time)/(TST time)


Sleep agenda

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WWS system has been used for the monitoring of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAs). The system has been compared through the simultaneous acquisition of physiological signals in parallel with polysomnograph in laboratory and home environments. Results show that such a wearable system could be successfully used for early detection of OSAs (Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome). 



Apnea detection according to max and min peaks in a segment (above) and an insect (below)




Comparison between polysomnograph and WWS system ECG signals for whole recording (up) and a zoom (down)


We have performed several studies to prove that WWS system can be used to monitor people while sleeping, results in the detection of sleep apneas are comparable with the ones provided by ambulatory PSG systems, with the advantage that our WWS is more confortable and user friendly in respect to the systems that are normally used for the ambulatory practice.