WWS - SEW device

The SEW is a device dedicated to the acquisition, processing, storage and / or transmission of data obtained through the use of our textile sensors integrated into the garment.

The SEW is connected to the garment through a simple plug and can be easily unplugged when necessary.

 SEW technical characteristics:

a) it receives data from electrodes;

b) it measure the voltage across the piezoresistive sensor;  

c) it processes ECG, Respiration and 3D acceleration leads to RR, HR, HRV, signal quality, BR, activity classification, energy;

d) the SEW is able to:

  • save data on a Flash Memory (microSD);
  • transmit data via BlueTooth®;
  • save and transmit them simultaneously, without losing information in case of interruption of BlueTooth transmission.

The following table highlights the general characteristics of the SEW.

Power management
Battery Lithium-polymer, 580 mAh
Battery charging Through USB
Storage capability
Memory Micro-SD card, 2 GB
 Autonomy while recording  Up to 30 hours
Autonomy while streaming More than 12 hours
Stand-by time More than 40 days
Memory capacity (with 1GB) More than 400 hours
Operating  0 to 50°C
Storage -20 to 50°C
Humidity Operational up to 95% non-condensing
Dimensions 63 x 52 x 16 mm3
Weight 45 g

 The autonomy was measured with a device running firmware v.0.33. Newer revisions may exhibit different autonomies due to new features. Data are indicative and refer to a new battery.


 The following table shows the characteristics of the SEW related to the vital signs monitoring and the user communication interface.

Input sensitivity ±5mV
Bandwidth 0.05Hz to 30Hz
Resolution Equivalent to12 bits
Type of measurement Two wires DC measurement
Range 100k? to 10M? (Configuration required)
Bandwidth DC to 10Hz
Resolution Equivalent to 12 bits
Sensor capacitive micromachined 3-axis accelerometer
Selectable sensitivity ±2g or ±6g
Bandwidth DC to 10Hz
Signal processing

-      Heart rate

-      Signal quality

-      Enhanced ECG signal

-      R-R intervals

Respiration -      Breathing rate

-      Energy

-      Classification

Communication interfaces

Bluetooth 2.0, class 1/273

SPP (Serial Port Profile)

Wired USB 2.0 FS (Full Speed)


Data can also be transmitted via wireless to any host device equipped with Bluetooth ® (desktop PC, Notebook, Smartphone ...) to analyse in real-time the physiological parameters monitored

SEW is a CE certified device

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