A holistic approach towards the first responder of the future (FP7-242411)

Starting date: 01/07/2010; closing date: 30/06/2014; total project cost: 12,922,363.40 Euros; total EC funding: 8,790,044 Euros.


The E-SPONDER is a suite of real-time data-centric technologies which provide actionable information and communication support to first responders that act during abnormal events (crises) occurring in critical infrastructures. This information enable improved control and management, resulting in real time synchronization between forces on the ground (police, rescue, firefighters) and out-of-theater command and control centers (C&C).

The approach guiding the E-SPONDER project is based on the fusion of variable forms of field-derived data within a central system,  combined with information analysis and decision support applications at designated C&C locations in order to provide in situ support to first responders that operate in Critical Infrastructures. Statistics show that efficient emergency system can reduce accident losses to 6%, compared with situations without emergency system1. As a result, an efficient emergency system is a key to cope with all kinds of sudden events and improve safety of cities and countries. To do this, E-SPONDER  achieved the following objectives: i) Improvement of front end data collection technologies installed both on portable and fixed platforms, providing a flexible yet comprehensive coverage of the affected area; ii) this data is fused and analyzed to provide real-time decision support; iii) E-SPONDER makes these resources readily available to commanders through the use of easily accessible web-portals but lastly and most important it provides significant support based on Information and Communication Technologies to the First Responders. Thus, E-SPONDER minimizes the uncertainty that characterizes crisis events, thereby limiting their scope. 




The following videos show the functionality of E-SPONDER components: 

3D Crisis view and collaborative touch table (by Immersion)    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Zps_nSZSMU

FRU user instructions on the garments and sensors (by Smartex) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oNrbgMyuOw