Extended Reality For DisasteR management And Media plAnning



The underlying approach within xR4DRAMA is to create and enhance this situation awareness for those who are – remotely as well as directly – engaged in  handling disasters, man made crises or public events or the aftermaths thereof in remote locations. The groups usually involved in such events range from first responders, local authorities and security forces, to media companies and event planners. They all need to dive into the given situation, either by planning or executing a mission connected to the event at hand. In xR4DRAMA the proof of concept will focus on first responders and media companies before extending the use cases to other domains.
xR4DRAMA aims at enhancing situation awareness through, especially, XR technologies  in order to:
•  facilitate the sourcing of all relevant information needed to plan necessary actions;
•  create an „as if on site“ experience of an environment (e.g. in VR) to anticipate the planned event or an incident as thoroughly as possible;
•  create a joint understanding of an environment (a “distributed situation awareness”) to be shared by team members, allowing for smoother communication and consultation;  
•  provide the possibility to continuously update the representation of the location (e.g. in VR) during the evolving incident/event in order to understand and potentially re-assess consequences of specific decisions.
xR4DRAMA will use XR technologies and integrated systems fed with live sensor data in order to anticipate situations as
accurately as possible, so that decisions can be made as informed and efficient as possible. xR4DRAMA aims at creating a
tool for multiple domains, from outdoor media production planning to disaster management. It can be used remotely and on
site for an augmented and shared perception of a given situation, in order to facilitate more efficient and resource-saving
planning as well as a frictionless implementation of the planned action.