Coordination action for enhancing the breakthrough of intelligent textile systems (e-textiles and wearable Microsystems) (CA 224386, EU funded project).

Starting date: 01/05/2008; closing date: 31/07/2011; total project cost: 800,000 Euros; total EC funding: 800,000 Euros.

Intelligent textile systems or smart fibres and intelligent textiles (SFIT) are fibrous structures that are capable of sensing, actuating and communicating. The active components can be fibres, fabrics or coatings. Electronic components are embedded/ integrated in the textile in a way that they don’t affect comfort or other use properties. More and more the fibres themselves become the active compontents.

A significant amount of money is being invested in Europe to develop intelligent textile systems. However there is a real need to put the results of all activities and policy building together in order to exploit the results, to avoid duplication, to benefit from experience gained and to align future research activities. Some additional actions are needed.

SYSTEX wants to coordinate the activities of these actions and offer complementary actions to reinforce their overall result.