Wearable Wellness System (WWS) is a fully integrated wearable system specifically designed to continuously monitor a cluster of physiological parameters while moving.



WWS system includes:

  • A sensorized garment
  • An electronic device dedicated to the acquisition, the processing and the storage of the data
  • A complete software kit to be used in order to manage and visualize the acquired data and to configure the electronic device

The system is able to simultaneously acquire the following signals:

  • 1 electrocardiographic signal (ECG), lead parallel to DI
  • 1 respiratory signal (torax)
  • body movements

The electronic device is equipped with a powerful processor that, through the use of complex signal processing algorithms, elaborates the acquired signals to extract several parameters like:

  • Heart rate and respiration rate
  • Quality indexes for ECG and respiratory signals
  • Heart rate variability (simpato-vagal index)
  • Posture and/or activity classification (lying, standing, walking, running)
  • Estimation of energy expenditure
  • step/minute

The ECG and respiratory signal are obtained by means of sensors made of yarns that are fully integrated into the textile structure that compose the garment. Posture and movements are monitored through the use of a tri-axial accelerometer, which is embedded into the small electronic device, and several sophisticated classification algorithms. 

The WWS system offers an high level of comfort which make it a perfect solution for long term monitoring of physiological parameters.

Read more about the WWS system components



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