Our Services

We provide consulting services for remote monitoring and development of technological solutions.

Our team is able to offer a customizable platform for monitoring, collecting and data analysis, by assisting you in the long-term study of physiological parameters,  cardio respiratory activities, physical activity, energy consumption, stress detection and behavioral indexex evaluation, for the individual user or for a group of selected users, in full compliance with privacy laws.

The remote monitoring system also includes a cloud service. 

We also support you in the development of customized solutions to improve products or to develop new ones, by providing assistance both in the design phase and in prototyping, up to the pre-industrial development. The activity can aim to a joint or exclusive product, based on our decades of experience in the areas of sensing of wearable devices, intelligent textiles, development of portable devices for the acquisition, management and analysis of data.


wherever you are: taking care of you

  • Cardio-Respiratory Monitoring
  • ECG
  • Respiratory signal
  • Heart Rate
  • Breathing Rate
  • HR Variability
  • Stress Monitoring
  • Activity level classification
  • Posture

whatever you're doing: non verbal language

  • Gesture & Movement detection
  • Posture Recognition
  • Joints articulation
  • Muscles activity


whatever you’re facing: behavioral and attitude sensors

  • Cardio-Respiratory Monitoring@Work
  • Stress Monitoring
  • Activity level classification
  • Posture
  • Temperature
  • Multivariable approach to track the instinctual side of human behavior
  • Alarms Management System