The new WWBS (Wearable WBAN System)

The new  WWBS  (Wearable WBAN System) has been produced and certified in the frame of FrailSafe project.

The system is composed by  a sensing garment  where there are  textile sensors  for physiological signs monitoring and three IMU platforms located on the chest and on the arms, an electronic device and two software tools, one for downloading of the recorded data from the electronic device, the second to test the system before giving it to the end-user.

The sensing garment is a shirt with short sleeves and a zip in the front to make don and doff easy specially designed for people with limited agility. Moreover is realised with cotton, to make the shirt breathable and natural feeling. It has two fabric electrodes for ECG monitoring and a fabric piezorestistive sensors for respiration monitoring on the chest, and two small pockets on the sleeves where the 9-DoF IMU are placed. On the chest there is also a pocket for the electronic device with a third, integrated 9-DoF IMU. All sensors are connected via cables to the device. 

The electronic device collects data from the sensors placed in the shirt. A microprocessor elaborates several parameters and all (raw and processed) data are saved on a micro-SD. When needed, the same data (or part of them) can be transmitted via BluetoothTM to a pc or an Android device for real time data analysis.

 FrailSafe shirtIMUIMU2