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Smartex was founded in 1999 to exploit new findings in the field of “smart materials” with the aim to develop innovative solutions and products answering the need of innovation and hi-tech transfer processes towards the textile world.

The main field of activity became the so-called E-textile. Leveraging the disparate materials, technologies and techniques available within the established electronics and textile industries are leading to a totally new class of large-area, flexible, conformable informative/interactive systems; essential instrumental functions (power supply, sensor, actuator, processor) can be implemented onto fabric substrates, where the sensitive function is due to woven smart materials.

Electronic textile can be defined as fabrics where sensor function, electronics and interconnections are woven into them. Multifunctional electronic textiles give to the traditional textile industry a new added value represented by the possibility to make daily life more healthy, safe and comfortable, bringing technological achievements closer to the public, through the realization of easy-to-use interfaces between humans and devices.

Company history

The fabrication of such multifunctional interactive fabrics, flexible and conformable to the human body, represents a potential important tool to promote progress, sustainable development and competitiveness in order to satisfy different needs, such as:

Risorsa 19icona.png

Sleep monitoring

apnea detenction.png

Apnea detection

cardio respiratory monitoring.png

Cardio respiratory monitoring

activity monitoring.png

Activity monitoring

stress level.png

Stress monitoring

behavioral indexes.png

Behavioral indexes

posture recognition.png

Posture recognition

movement detention.png

Movement detenction

energy expenditure.png

Energy expenditure

Risorsa 18icona.png

Muscle activity

Implementaton fields



Our Partners

Our partners
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