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Electronics textile is a new branch dealing with flexible, conformable, informative and interactive systems, where the essential instrumental functions such as sensing, actuating, processing and power supplying are implemented into the fabric structure. Electronics textile works as an active interface capable of recording simultaneously, in a “natural” environment a set of bio-mechanical variables and physiological parameters.  E textile platforms are designed to be minimally invasive, comfortable and wearable, combining conductive and piezo-resistive materials in form of fibres and yarns within a new functional texture where the mechanical properties of the traditional textile are preserved.

Body signals can then be continuously transmitted to a remote or a local monitoring service. Breathing patterns, electrocardiogram, activity and behavior indexes, posture, gesture and temperature, can be listed as variables to be monitored. Drawing on the traditional know-how of the clothing industry, by combining the potential of new technologies in sectors like telecommunications, sensors and data processing in a new generation of tecno clothes, that are capable to sense the physiological data fluctuation and to provide tips to increase wellness and quality of life.

Discover our offers:


Wearable Wellness System

Fully integrated wearable system specifically designed to continuously monitor a cluster of physiological parameters while moving.

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Big animal monitoring

Sensitive band for monitoring breathing and ECG over bareback horse for monitoring ECG and breath.


Motion suit

Wearable system for motion data acquisition in controlled environment for research and development.

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