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Extended Reality For DisasteR management And Media plAnning

About the project:

Start: 1st November 2020.
UE funding: 1.999.450 €


The EU-funded xR4DRAMA project aims to create a solution that will improve the situational awareness of those user groups who are responsible for handling disasters, man-made crises or public events. The groups range from first responders, local authorities and security forces to media companies and event planners. xR4DRAMA's methodology is based on X Reality (XR) technologies, and the tool can be used remotely and on site for an augmented and shared perception of a given situation. The aim of this project is to help first responders and media companies to have all the necessary information before planning any actions.

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xR4DRAMA will use XR technologies and integrated systems fed with live sensor data in order to anticipate situations as accurately as possible, so that decisions can be made as informed and efficient as possible. xR4DRAMA aims at creating a 
tool for multiple domains, from outdoor media production planning to disaster management. It can be used remotely and on  site for an augmented and shared perception of a given situation, in order to facilitate more efficient and resource-saving  planning as well as a frictionless implementation of the planned action.

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