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WWS system includes:

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A sensorized garment

The sensors are made of fibers that are directly woven during the production process to be fully integrated in the garment without discontinuity.

Also the connections between sensors are obtained using conductive fibers with the result to have a totally unobtrusive and highly comfortable sensorized garment.

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An electronic device 

The SEW is a device dedicated to the acquisition, processing, storage and / or transmission of data obtained through the use of our textile sensors integrated into the garment.


The WWS system also comprises a complete sotware kit to manage the acquired data and to configure the electronic device.

With our software you will have a powerful instrument to manage and analyze the data acquired by your WWS system.


Wearable Wellness System

Fully integrated wearable system specifically designed to continuously monitor a cluster of physiological parameters while doing your daily activity.

Wearable wellness system

The garment of this version in a female (vest or bra) and a male version (vest) and different sizes.

The sensing propriety of the shirt  is given by: 

Two textile electrodes

Two textile electrodes

One textile piezoresistive sensor

One textile piezoresistive sensor

One jack (3,5 mm) to plug the garment to the electronic device

One jack (3,5 mm) to plug the garment to the electronic device

A portable data logger that is hold  by a  comfortable pocket 

A portable data logger that is hold  by a  comfortable pocket 

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The system is able to simultaneously acquire the following signals:

  • 1 electrocardiographic signal (ECG), lead parallel to DI

  • 1 respiratory signal (thorax)

  • body movements


The electronic device is equipped with a powerful processor that, through the use of complex signal processing algorithms, elaborates the acquired signals to extract several parameters like: 

  • Heart rate and respiration rate

  • Quality indexes for ECG and respiratory signals

  • Heart rate variability (sympatho-vagal index)

  • Posture and/or activity classification (lying, standing, walking, running)

  • Estimation of energy expenditure

  • step/minute




The ECG and respiratory signal are obtained by means of sensors made of yarns that are fully integ

rated into the textile structure that composes the garment. Posture and movements are monitored through the use of a tri-axial accelerometer, which is embedded into the small electronic device, and several sophisticated classification algorithms.  


The WWS system offers an high level of comfort which makes it a perfect solution for long term monitoring of physiological parameters.

Instruction for the correct use: 

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