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Services description

To introduce innovation and high technology through the integration of traditional know-how in the textile field with the innovation required by a highly competitive context. Smartex is active in the realisation of wearable electronics cloths for health care, rehabilitation, sport, protection and wellness, by means of  physiological and behavioural monitoring.


We provide consulting services for remote monitoring and development of technological solutions. Our team is able to offer a customizable platform for monitoring, collecting and data analysis, by assisting you in the long-term study of physiological parameters,  cardio respiratory activities, physical activity, energy consumption, stress detection and behavioral indexex evaluation, for the individual user or for a group of selected users, in full compliance with privacy laws.

We also support you in the development of customized solutions to improve products or to develop new ones, by providing assistance both in the design phase and in prototyping, up to the pre-industrial development. The activity  aims to a joint or exclusive product, based on our decades of experience in the areas of sensing of wearable devices, intelligent textiles, development of portable devices for the acquisition, management and analysis of data.


Conductive textile

Our experience in the production of conductive fabrics allows  to design integrated systems for monitoring bio-potentials, which can be used to detect physiological signals such as electrocardiogram, electromyogram, electrical impedance, active and passive electrical properties of the skin.


Our wearable solutions are the result of advanced research on the use of production processes aimed at obtaining maximum adhesion of the sensors while maintaining lightness, breathability and comfort.

Our electrodes are designed to adapt to  the epidermal surface both from a mechanical and biochemical point of view, the electrical functionality improves over time as soon as a balance is reached at the interface between the two surfaces: electrode-skin. Our solutions are completely washable and sanitizable. Our garments are made in different designs and sizes for customised  applications


Biomechanical sensors

We have developed a unique fabric  sensor capable to detect changes in body shape related to musculoskeletal movements. Our sensor is made with a carbon loaded yarn combined in an elastic knit structure, specially designed to maximize sensing functionality.


Our sensor measures the movement of the chest during breathing, as well as the elongation of the fabric, which is related to the movement of the joints. Our technology allows the design of systems characterized by a redundant distribution of sensors, covering the entire surface of the body with minimal discomfort



Our expertise in the use of different technologies, sparing from textile materials to electrical components, has been gained in the years thank to the habits to work in a multidisciplinary teams. 

We base our design process on UX methodology.  

Integration is  our main challenge, different components  when combined in a new  structure  give rise to a new system with  enhanced functionalities.  

Conductive textile
Biomechanical sensors
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