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Smartex at BHI-BSN 2022 conference

We were invited to participate at IEEE-EMBS International conference on biomedical and health informatics (BHI’22) jointly organised with the 17TH IEEE-EMBS international conference on wearable and implantable body sensor networks (BSN’22) in Ioannina (Greece).

BHI-BSN 2022 opening session

Statistics of the conferences:

  • >350 participants

  • 367 (BHI)+63 (BSN) = 430 (4 page regular papers submitted)

  • 123 (BHI)+12 (BSN) = 135 (1 page abstracts submitted)

  • 38 (BHI) (1 page special session submitted)

  • 7 workshops (3 hybrid)

  • 10 special sessions

  • 7 keynote speakers

  • 10 oral & 2 poster sessions

  • future trend panel

  • industrial panel

  • career development panel

  • digital reality panel

  • European health data space panel

  • Privacy challenges in the digital health transformation panel

  • Meeting with the Editor-in-chiefs

We presented our projects (SixthSense & W@W) in two different sessions.

Session 1 (September 28, 2022):

Intelligent wearable sensing technology.

The EU-funded SIXTHSENSE project aims to improve the efficiency and safety of first responders' engagement in difficult environments by optimizing on-site team coordination and mission implementation. The project proposes an innovative wearable health monitoring system based on multimodal biosensor data that enables first responders to detect risk factors early on and allows real-time monitoring of all deployed responders. We introduced the overall concept of the project, the methodology and the system architecture, moreover details on Alpha version of SixthSense prototype were presented.

Poster session 2 (September 29, 2022):

The job stress dimension has an important role in the global wellness of the worker and there is a lack of methods and approaches useful to objectively evaluate this aspect. In this study we propose a framework based on wearable and cloud technologies to monitor and to extract significant information about work load, due to physical demand and stress physiological response, on physiotherapists, named Wellness@Work (W@W) platform.


Download PDF • 295KB

Further information on SixthSense

SixthSense official website:

SixthSense on Twitter:

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