SixthSense: Field Test for mountain rescuers

March 8-11 2022, Bormio(Italy)

A session of field trials has been carried out to measure physiological and psychological reaction of first responders during simulated mountain rescue operations.

Data has been collected by SixthSense Alpha prototype and reference measurement systems, used as gold standards, worn by rescuers during the session.

Duration of physiological test: minimum 60 min

SixthSense: the crew preparing for the mission

The Alpha prototipe includes:

  • SMARTEX (garment): ECG, heart rate, breathing rate, activity level

  • TECSR: electrotactile stimulation

  • GES (wristband): Heart Rate Variability, Blood oxygen level, Bioimpedance, (De-)Hydration status.

Route Option :

  1. From Bormio 2000 ascend following the tracks until 400-500 m vertical distance

  2. Perform the rescue simulation

  3. Return to Bormio 2000 following the track

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