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After our first plenary on Corfu, on May 17th we met in the historic Palazzo Trissino al Corso, located in the center of Vicenza.

Lisa Napolitano (AAWA) wearing VR goggles and visiting the virtual recreation of Vicenza in the control room.

Goal of the meeting - Do an XR4DRAMA risk/disaster prevention and management test run.

DAY 1 - Overview of the different components of the project and presentation of the various technologies that make up the XR4DRAMA platform and help its user improve their situation awareness.

After the team uploaded all the tools required for the test of the functionalities for the first responders. Also there was the first session with the smart devices, the XR4DRAMA VR mode and the wearables developed by Smartex.

With the images taken during drone flights the team was able to build a 3D model of the whole Vicenza center.

3D model of the city center of Vicenza generated by up2metric.

DAY 2 - Started with explorations in the field that consisted by some people of the team sprawled out in the city using their devices to report incidents and risks. In the meantime the control room checked all the report with a visual and textual analysis.

For the second part of the field test, there were activated our sensorized garments. These are smart shirts made out of light, breathable Sensitive® Fabric that are worn with direct contact to the skin. Sewn-in sensors are able to detect/measure a user’s heart rate and stress levels, and a small device transmits the data to the app, which in turn syncs with XR4DRAMA servers and team members in the control room. At the end of the day, all feedback and insights were collected and had a second excursion into VR to check the new content that had been added to the immersive model during the procedures.

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