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H2020 Innovation Action XR4DRAMA Successfully Completes Its First Project Year.

Kicked off in November 2020, the EU-funded XR4DRAMA project recently wrapped up its first year – with a number of impressive technical achievements successfully implemented by a Pan-European consortium.

XRDRAMA – which resolves to "Extended Reality For Disaster Management And Media Planning" – aims to build digital situation awareness (SA) tools for basically any organization that sends staff to unfamiliar, unsteady, or unsafe locations.

Technical achievements so far

During the first 12 months of XR4DRAMA, the consortium achieved results in terms of technical research and engineering.

In particular, Smartex has carried out:

User/frontend tools

  • conduction of a feasibility study focused on the wearable/portable environmental sensors needed in the use case scenarios:

  1. for Media Production Planning use case the proposed solution is a device available in the market, Zoom H3-VR virtual reality audio recorder, which will be use to collect audio data by the local scouts in order to evaluate the noise pollution of scenario;

  2. for Disaster Management use case a Wearable Water Pressure device as a proof of concept has been designed and developed in order to collect parameters to evaluate physical vulnerability of First Responders during a flood emergency.

  • development and production of a wearable monitoring system capable to acquire physiological features of First Responders in the Disaster Management Scenario, the garment can be worn under civil protection uniforms.

Further information on XR4DRAMA

XR4DRAMA official website:

XR4DRAMA on Twitter:

XR4DRAMA on LinkedIn:

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